Fun Facts & Maps

New York Times Interactive Subway Map-circa 2019

Michael Hertz, designer of this iconic NYC Subway Map, passed away February 18, 2020.
He was 87 years young. Learn more Here>

New York Public Library Collection of Historical Maps & Atlases

Old Maps of New York

Map Geeks, New York

Cornucopia of wonderful waterfront stories found on Red Hook Waterfront Stories

A personal favorite tidbit about indentured servitude of the Norse Maritime around the Hook check out the Full Norwegian Article.

This Pack of Wolfes enjoys Maps, Photography, and Nautical Charts -all three can be found in this fabulous book Archipelago-New York written by the award winning film maker Thomas Halaczinsky. Oh yes, this gentleman of the Upper Bay also pilots his own sailing vessel, in his spare time.

How have we lived the past two years in NYC, and never read this amazing parody? The Neu Jorker is a must read for anyone living in NYC with a pulse, an ounce of humor or a smidgen of chutzpah.